Why The Last Of Us 2 was such a flop

Have you played The Last of Us? Have you waited eagerly for the sequel? The Last Of Us 2 is a controversial game. We all know that Sony failed to make fans happy with TLOU2 and it will never come close to the success of the original game. But why did that happen? Let me explain.


After playing the first part of the game, fans were more than content with how the story was wrapped up. The clearly-defined ending and the final scene were nothing short of a masterpiece, and many fans would argue that there was no need for a sequel to be made. However, the creative impulse often takes the lead, and this franchise was no exception.

Early reviews

What is perhaps the most surprising about this case is the discrepancy between the early reviews of the game prior to its release and the fan reviews that flooded the Internet not long after the game was released to the public.

Many disappointed fans claimed that the new game was going against everything the first game stood for.

The change of characters

Even though we have seen the main character shift successfully employed in several popular games, this might be the worst way to go about it. To put it plainly for the people who did not play the game – halfway through the game the main character shifts to Abby, who was the main antagonist during the whole game up to that point. This change has resulted in the audience being unable to feel the connection between themselves and the on-screen character.

Forcing empathy

As if it were not enough that a fan-favorite character was killed off in the show, now the audience is expected to be sympathizing completely with the main villain responsible for the kill. Even though it is a bold move to make such a dramatic perspective shift, trying to absolve the person who is responsible for torture and murder did not sit well with a lot of the fans. The result was just plain disappointing. 

The ending

Even if there were no other issues present, the ending of The Last of Us 2 was definitely a breaking point for many of the fans of the original game. Many players quote the main issue with the ending to the storyline being the fact that there was no resolution to come out of the carefully crafted revenge story. Ellie, at the very end, decides against killing Abby, which basically meant that countless players across the globe were unable to live out the proper ending to this story.

Lost in the plot

Whereas the first part of the game was celebrated for its amazing narration and a watertight storyline, The Last of Us 2 leaves a lot to be desired in that aspect. The sheer volume and scale of the game are far larger than what we expected after the first game. Many fans notice that the perspective goes ever so slightly askew because of it, and that the narrative was thus irreparably damaged.

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