Why a Setup is Incredibly Important for Gamers

There are plenty of things that you need to do if you want to play video games, even though it seems like you have to install a game and click play and that’s about it. A gamer’s setup is much more important than we give it credit for. 

A setup is not just a PC or a console, what most people refer to as a rig, but the entirety of a setup, where you sit, what kind of peripherals you use, where they are positioned, what type of monitor do you use and so on and so forth.

Here are a couple of reasons why a gaming setup is really important.

The Ergonomics

If you start gaming and spend a lot of time playing games, or sitting by your PC or console, you might not feel the poor ergonomics immediately, but that is actually a problem. If you start feeling pain immediately, you might take action and change your setup to something that is more comfortable for extended periods of time. 

A gaming setup can cost you your wrists and your hands if you are not careful, not to mention your shoulders, hips and legs. How you sit and what you do when you are playing video games is more important than how you fare in a video game. Long-term, an ergonomic gaming setup is the best investment for a serious gamer.


Now, ergonomic does not always mean comfortable. They can go hand in hand, but they don’t have to. Some of the earliest ergonomic chair designs looked like torture devices. Couple them with the gamers’ overall lack of exercise or will to use their underused muscles, and you get a very uncomfortable setup.

A comfortable one will make you want to play more and that in itself is a very good thing, particularly if you are a serious gamer. Comfort and ergonomics usually come at a price. It is almost always recommended to purchase a serious ergonomic chair compared to gaming racing chairs. The former were designed for longevity and comfort, especially the expensive ones, while the latter were designed to look good and gamer-y.


If you have a great rig, but your setup is bad, your performance will suffer. How do you perform well in a shooter if your mouse pad is old and unusable? You don’t. If it is a rather small mouse pad, then you would have to dramatically increase your sensitivity, or you would have to sacrifice movement for already trained precision aiming.

With a better setup, you would be able to comfortably choose your optimal setting, without sacrificing performance or space. However, that means a bit more room, or rather, planning ahead, rather than just purchasing whatever seems like a good deal. 

A Good Investment

Typically, a gaming setup will last a long time, meaning that where you play your games shouldn’t fall apart in the next 10 years. In other words, it will be much more durable than your console or PC. Chairs and tables will last a long time. Monitors may become obsolete at some point and keyboards might need changing, albeit not as often if they are mechanical (where you could also simply change the keys).

A good gaming setup will last a long time, which makes it a great financial investment, as well.

These are some of the reasons why a gaming setup is really important.

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