Tips on How to Become a Better Gamer

When I was younger I always wanted to get better at playing my favorite video games (FPS, RPG, and MMO). Over the years I compiled a huge list of techniques and strategies that allowed me to improve significantly. Since I’ve started this website, I’ve gotten a lot of emails from visitors about tips for becoming a better gamer. Here is my response in article form — Tips on How to Become a Better Gamer. There is more to it than just playing a lot, like many people think. When you play games, it’s a good idea to track your progress and understand what you need to do improve. In this post I’m sharing my tips in improving different aspects of your gameplay.

Get good equipment

Invest in a good headset. A good headset will make all the difference in how immersive your game is, and how well you can communicate with other gamers. Make sure your mouse is comfortable for long periods of use—you’ll want one that fits your hand well and has an ergonomic design for your wrist to rest comfortably on (no more sore wrists!). Get some decent speakers if you want to immerse yourself in sound effects, or even just listen to music while you play! Find out what kind of control style works best for you—are you more comfortable with a joystick or a keyboard? Do you prefer playing with one hand on the mouse and one on the keyboard? Do your fingers get sore from using the keyboard? It’s important to know what works best for YOU!

Check out some online reviews before buying any equipment—there are tons of resources available online that will help guide you through what makes sense for YOU as a gamer!

Friendly competition

If you want to become a better gamer, try playing against your friends. Playing against your friends is a great way to learn new strategies, develop your skills, and challenge yourself to improve. You can play any game with them—from board games like Monopoly to video games like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros., or even just a simple game of cards. Playing against your friends will help you gain confidence in yourself as well as make you feel like part of the community. It’s also a great way to get out of your shell and meet new people who share similar interests as you!


The reason why playing in tournaments is so important is because it gives you an opportunity to get used to playing against other people and competing with them. This will allow you to learn how different players react in different situations, which will help you improve your own game play over time. Another reason why playing in tournaments is important is because it allows you to practice different strategies and learn how they work out against other players who are also using those same strategies.

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