Best video games that you can finish in one day

Because of our busy lives, we often don’t have time to play all the video games that we want. We either run out of time or can’t find enough free time. I often complain to myself, “Man, I’d like to play video games but I don’t have much time! I just can’t dedicate more than 1 hour a day!” I’m sure it has happened to you before: you think about starting a video game but then simply give up close to the beginning because you realize it’s going to take too long. And of course we’ve all heard the opinion that short games deserve less attention, right? Wrong! Some of the best stories are found in games that don’t require hours upon hours of gameplay to finish. Below are some of the best video games available for a single sitting.


Undertale is an indie game developed by Toby Fox and released on September 15, 2015. It was created in GameMaker: Studio, a program that allows you to make games without writing any code.

The game takes place in a world where monsters are forced to hide underground because they are considered dangerous by humans. However, if a human falls into their world, they can be spared if they spare the monsters by sparing them during battle or letting them live. If not, the human will die and become a flower for the monster to take back to his/her home (or just eat). The player can choose whether or not to kill any of the characters in the game, but there is no way for them to win without killing at least one character (assuming you don’t count true pacifist runs as winning).

Most importantly, this game will allow you to finish it in one sitting, and leave with a feeling of accomplishment!


The game is a first-person puzzle game where you play as Chell, a test subject inside an experimental facility run by Aperture Science. Your task is to get out of the facility by solving various puzzles using the portal gun, which shoots two portals: one blue and one orange. These portals can link two surfaces together. I found it very surprising how much fun I had playing this game in one sitting. It’s only two hours long—but they’re two great hours! The puzzles are challenging, but not frustratingly so; they give you just enough information to solve them without feeling like there’s any cheat code you need to know before starting the game. If you’ve never played Portal before, I highly recommend giving it a shot!


SUPERHOT is a game of action, strategy, and time-travel. It’s also a game that makes you rethink what it means to be a gamer. You play as a nameless protagonist who is trying to stop an evil organization from taking over the world. There are no guns or swords; instead, you use your fists and your wits to take down your enemies with style and precision. The gameplay involves moving around a level while avoiding bullets and other hazards while simultaneously aiming your weapon at one of three targets on each enemy’s body. When you’ve successfully hit all three targets, they’ll fall down—but if you take too long, they’ll get back up again. It’s not just about defeating them though; it’s about doing it in style! Most importantly, you can finish it in one sitting!

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