A Review of the Best Games of 2021

Another year, another set of great titles that you should definitely consider buying and playing. Not every game is worth your time, of course, but some games always stand out in a crowd of many.

Here are the best video games of 2021 as well as my thoughts on them.

Hitman 3

Even though it was ridiculously controversial for the Hitman franchise to have dropped all the lore from the games that were released prior to the new Hitman games, starting from 2016, the games were still as good as we hoped that they would be. 

Hitman 3 is an amazing title, and continues the story of agent 47, the perfect assassin, albeit if you don’t look at the back of his head (where the barcode is). New maps have been added to the game, huge sandbox missions which you can choose how to complete, from Dubai, Chongqing, Dartmoor, Mendoza, Berlin and the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Each location is a world of its, including the missions. It’s a great game for those who like a more patient and strategic approach.


Arcane Studios is known for releasing great games, and they are in a world of their own when it comes to FPS games. You might have played Dishonored or Prey, either of the series being very good. Deathloop is another amazing Arcane experience, which you either love or hate. 

The game’s concept is interesting, where you take on the role of Colt, an assassin who is stuck in a time loop. But, that doesn’t stop him from having to execute his mission. He has to get all his targets by the time the loop resets. Oh yeah, you also can’t die, because it’s a time loop. It’s a typical Arcane experience, and that is a really good thing, of course.

Resident Evil: Village

The game is set in a huge village in Eastern Europe, what can be described as a Victorian style. The game’s plot follows Ethan Winters, a character from the previous game. But, now he has more combat abilities. Village is a combat-centric game, compared to the previous ones in the series. Now the character can climb and use walls and other obstacles outside and inside, to combat enemies.

The setting and themes have been praised, but the port to the PC was littered with bugs at launch and some of the puzzles were ridiculous, not difficult. It’s still a great game, a must play if you like action survival horror games.

Halo Infinite

Halo is back, with a vengeance. Halo is a great game that takes us back into the armor of Master Chief, who has to battle some evil in a sci-fi setting, of course. The year is 2559 and Atriox is still at large. 

What Halo Infinite did, which was more important, was to bring back Halo as an esports title. Halo was one of the original esports titles back in the 2000s, but has since fared worse, due to having relatively poor esports titles, even though the games were decent as single player games. 

2021 has had some amazing games, and some of them have been mentioned above. You might also want to try Forza Horizon 5, Age of Empires IV, Monster Hunter Rise, Metroid Dread, and Psychonauts 2.

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