Warcraft I Orcs and Humans Cheats

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During gameplay, hit Enter and type in one of the codes below to cheat: (codes affect both players equally in 2-player games)

Corwin of Amber/ Enables the use of cheat codes. (Enter this first!)

Orc # or Human # Jumps to level #
Ides of March Takes you to the campaign victory sequence
Yours Truly Instantly win the current scenario
Pot of Gold Gives you 10,000 gold and 5,000 lumber
Eye of Newt Instantly researches all spells
Iron Forge Gain all weapon/armor upgrades
Sally Shears Show you the entire map
Hurry Up Guys Increases speed of upgrades and new units/buildings
There can be only one Makes your army nigh-invulnerable

Warcraft I Orcs and Humans Game Review courtesy of DOSGames.com:

This DEMO version of the full game gives you a taste of what the original entry into the Warcraft series of games was like. "Orcs & Humans" (or simply Warcraft I) came before Warcraft II and Warcraft 3 and while it has its merits, it is generally surpassed by Warcraft II in most ways. Still this game will still be fun for fans of the genre, and those interested in the origins of their latest addiction. (Seriously, although I don't personally play it Warcraft 3 seems to be the most addictive game I've seen in years, judging from friends of mine that play.)
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