Wacky Wheels Cheats

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Commandline cheats: Enter any number of these on the commandline (for example "WACKY /2 turbo") to cheat:

/2 Fast gameplay
/3 Really fast gameplay
/debug Create a ERR.LOG file as you play
turbo Activate the turbo key (press brake & fire)
jump Activate the jump key (press brake & accelerate)

In addition to the above, you can specify one of the following options:

hog Get 99 hedgehogs
ice Get 99 ice cubes
fire Get 99 fireballs

Wacky Wheels Game Review courtesy of DOSGames.com:

Seems like a rip-off of Super Mario Karts ... but it plays fairly well. It's a racing game where you choose a character and race go-karts around a track. Fairly good (but not very smooth) VGA graphics and sound effects. It can be fun, but Mario Karts is still better.
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