Tyrian Cheats

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Use these passwords to get different ships:

ENEMY Captured U-Fighter
STEALTH Ninja Star
STORMWIND Stormwind - The Elemental
TECHNO Experimental PQZ
UNKNOWN TX SilverCloud
WEIRD Foodship Nine

You can also enter DESTRUCT to access a secret bonus game.

Tyrian Game Review courtesy of DOSGames.com:

Tyrian is a shooting game that is somewhat similar to the Apogee offering "Raptor: Call of the Shadows". The object is, as so often the case for this particular genre, to blow everything up! It's a detailed and graphically intense space shoot-em-up with advanced (for the time) graphical effects and great sound/music. It also features an interesting plotline (for a shooting game) and many secret levels/bonuses to find.
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