Super ZZT Cheats

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Level editor: Start the game by typing "superz /e" at the command line to be able to access the hidden level editor. (Press 'e' at the menu)

Cheat codes: Press Shift and the ? key to activate cheat mode. Then enter one of the following cheats below:

+debug Debug mode on
-debug Debug mode off
ammo Gives you more ammo
gems Gives you gems
health Full health
noz Lose one stone of power
z Gain one stone of power
zap Clear surrounding four squares (useful if you get stuck)

Super ZZT Game Review courtesy of

The sequel to the classic ANSII game / game creation system ZZT, "Super ZZT" doesn't offer many improvements over its predecessor. The game's font is much larger, making less fit on the screen. Game boards are also now be much larger, and the playing field scrolls rather than having each board fit on one screen. There are a few other small improvements, but overall Super ZZT was not as popular as ZZT and hardly any user made games are available for it. I recommend that you try ZZT (below) instead.
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