Supaplex Cheats

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Unlimited Red Discs: Get one red utility disc. Activate it then quickly move up, down, left or right. Return to your original location and take the disc. Move away as quickly as possible. If done correctly, you will be able to use the disc again.

Level Skip: Note, this requires using a Hex Editor. If you don't know what that is, this cheat probably is not for you. Edit the savefile with a HexEditor (it's a hidden file!) and edit it after your name (as you entered when you first created a character in the game). Enter a few 01 hex characters (ASCII code 1, a small face). Each one you enter counts as one more completed level. Keep adding more to skip more levels.

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If you're looking for an involving puzzle game (which bears a strong reseblance to the classic game "Boulderdash"), Superplex might be what you're looking for. It recently has been updated to work on modern machines. It features VGA graphics with a computer-ish theme, and a plehora of precarious puzzles (yay alliteration). The menus are a bit confusing at first but once you get into the game it's great.
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