Strife Cheats

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Type in these codes one letter at a time during the game to cheat:

aibrain Toggle enemy AI
goto## Warp to level ##
guns Gives all weapons, full ammo, and 200% armor
ibgod Toggle God mode
iddt Shows entire map (type while in map view), type again to show monsters/items, a third time goes back to normal
idmus## Switch music to track ## (01-10)
idmypos Display co-ordinates/angle
ilive Toggle auto use health
killem Kill all enemies
listit# Toggle or get a power-up (# can be any of B, I, M, H, P, S, T): B=Berserk strength, I=Invisibility, M=Mask, H=Health, P=Backpack, S=Increase stats, T=Target visor
money All cash and artifacts
moveme# Teleport to spot on map
open Gives all keys
spirit Toggle no clipping (walk through walls)
stic Toggle Stealth boots
stuff God mode plus weapons, health, etc

Strife Game Review courtesy of

Strife is one of the best 3D shooting game's that you've likely never heard of. This demo version showcases some of the great gameplay and features that you'll find in the full version, if you're able to find it anywhere (eBay? the bargain bin at your local EB?) The game's story-driven gameplay, adventure elements and interesting enemies and powerups make this game a relatively unknown classic. (Note: I got this game running in XP using DOSBox but it didn't run at full speed. Unless you have a very fast computer, probably best to play this on real DOS computer.)
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