Shadow Warrior Cheats

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Press "t" to enter talk mode before typing the codes. Then type one of the following codes to cheat:

swchan Toggle God mode
swghost No clipping (walk through walls)
swgimme Gives you everything (except invincibility(
swgreed Gives you all ammo, weapons, items, and invincibility
swloc Shows framerate
swmap Shows entire map
swres Changes resolution
swsave Saves map to a .map file
swstart Restarts the game
swtrek## Warp to any level (## is the level number)
swtrix Shoots rabbits out of rocket launcher (?)
winpachinko Win a prize out of game machine

Shadow Warrior Game Review courtesy of

Created using the "Build" engine (the same software the Duke Nukem 3D was created with), Shadow Warrior was largely ignored upon its release due to the fact that Quake has been released the year before, with superior graphics and gameplay enhancements (true 3D environments). Shadow Warrior is still a great game, with many of the same gameplay elements that make Duke Nukem 3D such a classic game, although some of the "off-color humor" might be offensive to some gamers.
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