Seek and Destroy Cheats

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Phase select: Type "gimme" at the phase select screen.

Mission select:: Hold all of the following keys right after selecting the "New Game" or "Resume" options: Left Shift , Left Alt and Left Ctrl.

Unlimited shopping:

Type "capo" while in the shop.

Cheat mode: Enter one of the codes below during gameplay to cheat:

A M O Ammo
D E T H Toggle easier enemies
M E G A Best chopper weapons
L I F E Hit point boost

Seek and Destroy Game Review courtesy of

Seek and Destroy is an entertaining and well polished shooting game. Using superb VGA graphics and SB sound effects, the object of the game is to complete missions using either a chopper or a tank (your choice before each mission begins). The game controls fairly well and the battlefields rotate 360 degrees around your chosen battle machine. Quite a well done game overall.
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