Scorched Earth Cheats

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Lots of money: Edit the "scorch.cfg" file using a text editor. Scroll down to where you see a line that says "Initial_Cash=######" Delete the number that's there and enter whatever amount of money you want to start with. (For example, 5000000 for five million). Save that file and run the game. Voila, you have $5million dollars (or however much you entered).

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The best tank war game I've ever seen. It's called 'The Mother of all games' by the author. In it, you are competing against up to 10 other tanks (controlled by other players or by the computer) and you battle by entering a velocity and turrent angle and firing off various weapons, which you can purchase between rounds. It looks and plays great, and it's great fun blowing up a tiny little tank with a huge nuke.
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