Rise of the Triad Cheats

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Type in these codes one letter at a time during the game to cheat:

BADTRIP Acid mode
BOING Less gravity
BONES Creates a flame wall
BOOZE Creates a drunk missle
BURNME Asbestos suit
CUJO Full dog mode (?)
DIMOFF Turn light dimming off
DIMON Turn light dimming on
DIPSTICK Toggle cheat code
FIREBOMB Creates a fire bomb
FLYBOY Flying mode
GOARCH Finish current level
GOOBERS Restart current level
GOTA386 Turn ceiling and floor textures off
GOTA486 Turn ceiling and floor textures on
GOTO Start another level
HOMERUN Gives The Excalibat
HOTTIMES Creates Heat seeking missle
HUNTPAC Armor, keys, heatseeker and a split missle
JOHNWOO Double handguns
LONDON Fog enabled
LUNGDUNG A gas mask
MAESTRO Change the game jukebox (music)
NODNOL Fog disabled
PANIC Everything normal
PLUGME Gives a machine gun
REEN Restart level
SEEYA Full God mode
SHINEOFF Turns lights off
SHINEON Turns lights on
SHOOTME Gives bullet proof vest
SIXTOYS Gives you health, bullet proof armor
SLACKER Gives you all the keys
SPEED Autorun on/off
SPLIT Split missles
TOOSAD God mode (type SEEYA for Full God mode)
WOOF Dog mode (?)
\DIE Suicide
\OOF Hurt yourself

Rise of the Triad Game Review courtesy of DOSGames.com:

A fairly cool shooting game from Apogee. It's sort of inbetween Wolf3D and Duke3D ... it has some cool new features, (at least, they were new at the time), but at times they don't seem to work together all that well. For example, there's too much platform jumping. It's worth a try, though.
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