Red Baron Cheats

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Stop enemies from shooting: Place your aircraft in a forward slip by applying full rudder in either direction and using the aileron in the opposite direction to keep flying forward in a constant heading. Enemy aircraft that are in front of your plane won't shoot at you.

Get all missions: Create a backup copy of the "characters" before continuing. (If something gets screwed up, replace your backed up file.) Edit the original "characters" file with a text editor, and for the "MISSIONS" entry, change that value to "26".

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Sierra has released the original classic Red Baron for free. This is significant news, since Computer Gaming World magazine in 1996 chose Red Baron as the 4th best computer game ever made! (Not to get your expectations high or anything!) Red Baron is a flight simulator that allows you to dogfight against many different WWI advisaries, including the Red Baron. You can choose from 28 different planes, plus there are lots of other options. If you can overlook the quite dated graphics and sounds, you might like it! (Unlike Corncob, RB seems to run fine in Windows.)
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