Quake Cheats

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Press the ~ key to open the console window, then enter any of the cheats below:

FLY Toggle Flying mode
GIVE #- Gives weapon # (type diff #s to get diff weapons)
GIVE C #- Gives you # cells
GIVE H #- Gives you # health
GIVE N #- Gives you # nails
GIVE R #- Gives you # rockets
GIVE S #- Gives you # shells
GOD Toggle God mode
IMPULSE 255 Quad damage mode
IMPULSE 9 Gives all weapons
NOCLIP Toggle no clipping (walk through walls)
NOTARGET Toggle invisibility to monsters

Quake Game Review courtesy of DOSGames.com:

I don't know how I missed adding this game! One of the best DOS games ever? Probably! I have spent many hours playing this classic, and still go back to play it sometimes. If you have never played it ... get it now! With the release of Quake, iD Software once again revolutionized the 3D shooting genre. It's amazing, even today!
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