Prince of Persia 2 Cheats

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To enable the cheats, start the game with the commandline "prince yippeeyahoo" or "prince makinit2"Then, enter one of the following codes during gameplay cheat: (Note that some/all(?) of these will only work in the full version.)

Alt D Save debug information in "dump?.txt" file
F1 Toggle position display
F3 Toggle player
F6 Ruler
H Preview one screen left
J Preview one screen right
K Kill all enemies
Minus Decrease time
N View one screen down
Plus Increase time
R Resurrection (come back to life)
Shift B Show Prince only
Shift I Invert screen (?)
Shift K Remove health point
Shift N Skip to the next level
Shift R Show room number and jump right
Shift T Gain an extra health point
Shift W Show room number and jump left
U View one screen up

To activate the cheats below, you must hold down the 1 2 and 3 keys when starting the game. You should see a message saying "You are worthy of the powers of Jaffar." Then you can use these cheats: (Note that some/all(?) of these will only work in the full version.)

+ or - Increase (or decrease) the time left
Ctrl G Select a level
Ctrl K Kills all opponents on the screen
Ctrl L Takes you up a level
Ctrl T Extra potion

Prince of Persia 2 Game Review courtesy of

This is the demo (ie. limited trial) version of the sequel to the classic "Prince of Persia" game. The full title of this game is "Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame", and it involves more of the same running, jumping, swordfighting action that you enjoyed in the original game. Despite the nice smooth graphics, music, sound fx, and cult-like status, this game an be very annoying at times. At least for me it is. Just be warned. ;)
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