Paganitzu Cheats

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To active the cheat mode, you need to be at the game menu. While there, press Ctrl A L at the same time. You will be taken to another screen where you can enter a number. Enter one of the numbers listed below to cheat:

325 Gives 99 extra lives
589 Skips right to the end-game sequence
822 Doubles point value
7## Level warp (## is the level to warp to)
642 Turn God mode on
643 Turn God mode off

Paganitzu Game Review courtesy of

A better than average 'pushing' puzzle. It was actually supposed to be a semi-sequel to the Apogee classic 'Pharoah's Tomb', however the gameplay is totally different. Here you must get to the exit by pushing rocks around, collecting keys, and avoiding various monsters. Make no mistake, though, it's definitely a puzzle game. As usual with early Apogee releases, nice EGA graphics, too.
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