Meteor Cheats

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To cheat, press the ~ (tilde) key during the game to access the console, then enter one of the following:

LoadCharacter {Filename} Loads a character in the "players" folder. (This is useful when testing modified player characters)
endlevel Ends the current level
giveitem all Gives you all the items
god Toggles God mode
kill Kills the player (!)
map {Filename} Loads a map from disk. You can type "map" by itself to display a file selection window
playmusic {Filename} Loads and plays a module music file from disk
side {Value} Typing "side" on its own will display your current side. If you enter a number (ex. "side 1") you will change your current 'side', making your allies become your enemies and vice-versa (like switching teams)
units killall Kills everything on the current level
units reset Puts all units to sleep (they will not move anymore until they become visible)
units wakeup Wakes up all units (usually units wake up when they become visible)

Meteor Game Review courtesy of

The oddly named Meteor is a really great action/adventure game. As a soldier, you must complete various missions. There can be different objectives, but most end up being sorta like "kill all the guys dressed in red". (Your guy is dressed in green.) That's okay though because the game's graphics, sounds, and gameplay are all great! Lots of shooting/explosions, definitely a fun game for action fans. The game even includes an editor to create your own missions and lets you edit the graphics!
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