Major Stryker Cheats

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Cheat Activation: There's two parts to get the cheats activated. First type the following keys one at a time at the main title screen: C H E A T You'll see the message that says "Cheat Active". Then to really activate the cheats, during the game press and hold Backspace then press the H and S keys at the same time. You'll see a second message saying "Cheat Mode On". Now you can use the cheats below: (Hold the Tab key before pushing the other button)

Tab O Fire options
Tab R Rapid fire
Tab S Shield options

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This is a great EGA shooting game from Apogee, who were better known for their "jumping" games like Keen and the original Duke Nukem series. However this game is pretty good. It features frantic EGA graphics and SB sounds/music. There are lots of ship powerups and lots of enimies to fight. The only problem is that sometimes there is so much going on that it's hard to keep track of what is an enemy and what's part of the background.
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