Lemmings Cheats

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Level Select: Type in the word "BILLANDTED" on the level code screen. Now the message "Incorrect Code" appears, but the cheat mode is actually still activated. Start the game, and you can now press the '5' key on your Numeric Keypad (right side of the keyboard) to get to the next level.

Lemmings Game Review courtesy of DOSGames.com:

Most people have probably played (or at least seen) some version of the classic Lemmings game designed by DMA Design. The object is to guide your "Lemmings" (actually little green-haired guys) to the level exit. To do so you assign your Lemmings jobs, like digger, or bridge-builder, to guide them past the various obstacles. A classic puzzle game that can sometimes also require quick reflexes! :) (Notes: This is the demo version of the game. Also this game did not seem to like my video card, for some reason I was unable to see some of the icons in the game. I do not know of a fix for this problem.)
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