Kens Labyrinth Cheats

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To get these cheats to work you must run the game like this on the command line: "ken snausty". Then hold both Shift keys and type one of the keys below to cheat:

' Green potions
; Purple potions
A Blue cloaks
B Go to a new level
D Compass
E Get Extra lives
F Get the Red jelly bullet
G Get the Bouncy bullet
H Get Heat Seeking Missiles
J Gray cloaks
K All keys
L Lightnings
Q Coins
S Increase health

Kens Labyrinth Game Review courtesy of

Sort of like Wolf3D, but more ... wacky. It was created by Ken Silverman (who later went on to design the "Build" engine used for Duke3D). Originally he released it on his own ... later it was purchased by Epic Megagames, although I liked the original better. It's still fun to play even though it uses outdated technology, and it's more likely to work on your computer than Wolf3D is. :) (NOTE: This is the full registered version of the game! It has been released for free by the original author, Ken Silverman.)
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