In Search of Dr Riptide Cheats

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Use these passwords to skip to various levels in the game:

Level 2 Micro Menace UR2GD

Level 3 Tulip Tango URGR8
Level 4 Red Tide 4GOOD
Level 5 Fathoms of Teeth 2MUCH4U
Level 6 Think Tank ACE

In Search of Dr Riptide Game Review courtesy of

In Search of Dr Riptide is a fun adventure/shooting game in which you control a tiny underwater submarine, attached to which is an even tinier submarine! :) The object is to simply make it to the exit on each level while collecting powerup items and treasure, and avoiding the baddies that attack you under the sea. This game features some nice graphics and good sound effects; a well made and polished game. Unfortunately it seems a bit short but what's there is quite well done.
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