Duke Nukem 2 Cheats

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Please note that the following cheat codes will only work in the registered version of this game:

E A T Regain maximum health (score is reset to zero)
N U K - Get a random weapon & all items needed to complete the current level

Duke Nukem 2 Game Review courtesy of DOSGames.com:

Between the original, classic Duke and the kickass Duke Nukem 3D came the unheralded sequel, Duke II. (Which really would've been Duke 4, if you counted the "registered-only" episodes 2 and 3.) The main advantages of the sequel over the original are in the areas of its graphics (still EGA, but they look better) and sound (SB instead of the PC speaker). It looks and sounds great. However, despite the cool new effects, it doesn't seem quite as fun as the original.
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