Depth Dwellers Cheats

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Enter one of the following codes during gameplay to cheat: (Press all three buttons at the same time)

God mode Ctrl Alt I
Level skip Ctrl Alt N
Save .PCX screenshot Ctrl Alt S
Full ammo, 100% health and flame thrower Ctrl Alt F
Extra life Ctrl Alt L

Depth Dwellers Game Review courtesy of

Depth Dwellers is a relatively unknown early 3D shooting game that was probably the victim of bad timing: It was released only a few months after DOOM. The game engine developed by TriSoft is somewhere inbetween Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM in terms of features and abilities. The game itself is fairly generic, with not a lot of unique features, and only passable graphics for a 3D game. Overall a decent effort from an unknown development team, but really there's not much reason to play this instead of DOOM. It's not quite as "AWSOME" [sic] as the registration screen suggests.
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