Death Rally Cheats

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Type these cheats, one key at a time, within menu:

DRAW Get $1000
DROOL Get $500000
DRIVE Get 10 points (only in registered version)
DROP Drop 10 points

Type these cheats, one key at a time, during the game:

DRUG Mushroom effect
DRINK Rocket fuel
DRUB No-damage
DREAD Unlimited ammo
DRAG Unlimited turbo

Death Rally Game Review courtesy of

Top-down racing games are sort of a sub-genre of the larger racing genre, and Death Rally is a good example of how to do things right. Sort of like Super Sprint with more destruction. The graphics are great, as are the sounds, and the gameplay involves picking up or buying cool weapons to destroy the other cars in the races (hence the name). One of Apogee's later products, this game has all the markings of Apogee's other quality products.
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