Corridor 7 Cheats

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Press the W A X keys together for full health, full map, all the keys and items and weapons!

The rest of the cheats require that you are in "debug mode". So start the game by typing "corr7 level1diagnostic" at the command line, then press Tab+LeftShift+Ctrl to enter debug mode. Then you can use these cheats:

Backspace C Pauses & displays useful info
Backspace F Display your current compass angle
Backspace G Toggle God mode
Backspace I Increases score, ammo, charges, and next weapon
Backspace N No clipping (walk through walls) mode
Backspace R Red skull in front of character (?)
Backspace T Shows info on current level's transporters
Backspace W Warp

Corridor 7 Game Review courtesy of

This game was unfortunately released shortly after Doom, meaning that it had to compete with one of the best 3D shooters of all time using ... the Wolfenstein 3D engine. Not even a fair fight, really. While the game is decent enough, its pretty obvious that its using the Wolf3D engine, with its boxy environments and simple sprites. Overall, it has decent graphics (again, comparable to Wolf3D), and it could be enjoyable if you force yourself to forget about Doom and play this game based on its own merits.
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