Commander Keen 6 Cheats

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General Cheat: Pressing the B A T keys all at once will give you 99 shots, an extra life, and all the gems.

Debug Mode: Pressing A 2 Enter all at once will activate Debug Mode. The following cheats then become available:

F10 C Show number of active/inactive objects in the level
F10 D Record a demo
F10 E End the current level
F10 G God mode
F10 I Get some free items
F10 J Jump cheat
F10 M Display memory usage
F10 N No clipping (walk through walls mode; its easy to die if you go somewhere you're not supposed to)
F10 S Slow motion
F10 T Sprite test
F10 W Warp to any level
F10 Y Reveal hidden areas
F10 Y View hidden areas in the level.

Commander Keen 6 Game Review courtesy of

This demo (3 playable levels) version of the 6th episode in the popular Commander Keen series continues the adventures Keen began in the 4th episode of the series. The engine and most of the enimies, powerups, etc are the same, except with all new level designs. Since the basic game is the same, if you enjoy the other Keen games, you'll probably like this one. If you're new to the series, this is a good place to start. (Although there are only three levels in the demo; try Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle for a complete game wuth the same style.)
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