Chasm the Rift Cheats

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Press Backspace then enter one of the following codes in the console window:

ammo Full ammo
armor 200 armor
chojin Toggle God mode
fullmap Show entire map
go Level select
invisible Become invisible
keys Get all keys
kill Kill all monsters
reanimate Reanimate all monsters
respawn Set respawn time
weapon Get all weapons

Chasm the Rift Game Review courtesy of

This surprisingly good 3D shooting game (the demo is downloadable here) is, in terms of technical things like graphics, somewhere between DOOM and Quake. Unlike most other 3D copycat-style games of this time period, this game actually plays quite decently. There is an actual story before the game begins, and once the game starts there is plenty of frantic action, along the lines of Quake. Recommended!
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