Catacomb Abyss Cheats

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Press the F10 key, then one of the keys below to activate a cheat:

1-8 Gives you one of the scrolls
E Exit the current level
G Toggle God Mode
I Get all the items
M Displays memory usage
O Displays an overhead view.
W Warps you to another level
Z Freezes all the monsters

Catacomb Abyss Game Review courtesy of

What? An id Software 3D shooter that was released before Wolf3D? Yup. It's relatively cool, too, if a bit less refined than Wolf3D. (It uses EGA graphics instead of VGA.) This game could have served as the inspiration for the newer 3D game Blood, so similar are the styles. I like it, it's still quite fun to play. And hey, it has a pretty cool name, too.
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