Blood Cheats

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Press 'T' to enter the "Talk" mode, then type in the cheats below:

bunz Allow two of same weapon
clarice 100 % health
cousteau 200% health and diving suit
eva galli Toggle clipping mode
fork broussard No weapons, 1% health, and drunk
funky shoes Higher jumps
goonies Full map
griswold 200% armor
hongkong All weapons and ammo
idaho All weapons and items
jojo Drunk mode
keymaster All keys
krueger 200% health and on fire
mario or luigi Level skip
montana All items
mpkfa God mode
onering Invisibility
satchel All items
spielberg Level select and cheats disabled
spork 200% health
sterno Temporary blindness
voorhees Temporary God mode

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Made using the "Build" 3D engine (the same engine used to make Duke Nukem 3D), Blood is an often overlooked game that is actually quite well made and offers plenty of fun for 3D shooting fans. This demo version includes an introduction to the full game. Not surprisingly, this game serves up a lot of ... uh, blood. And severed heads, and so on ... plus lots of frantic 3D action. (NOTE: It should be obvious but this game is not intended for children!)
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