Alien Carnage Cheats

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Full health & power: Pressing the B I G keys at the same time will give you full health & jetpack power.

The following cheats work on v1.1 of the game or higher:

Ctrl R E N Gives you all weapons, and activates god mode for several seconds.
Alt L Level warp. After pressing, type the number of the episode (1-4), then the number of the level (1-5). (Incorrect input will crash the game!)
Alt = Change location within a level. Type coordinates after this code. (Incorrect input will crash the game!)

Alien Carnage Game Review courtesy of

Also known as "Halloween Harry" (not sure why the name change occurred) this is one of the lesser-known titles from Apogee Software. This game features great graphics and awesome SB sound effects and music. The gameplay is very shooting oriented, similar to Duke Nukem. You also collect money to buy new weapons from vending machines. Very cool! (Note: I couldn't seem to install this game on my machine, probably best to try to go to DOS to install. Please don't email me if you get a "Runtime Error" with this game, I don't know how to fix it.)
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